Tips For Dating Jewelry — Bolos

A man named Victor Emanuel Cedarstaff is often credited with inventing the bolo tie durning the late 1940s. Many authors have stated that Victor Patented the bolo, however, records show the only patent awarded to Mr. Cedarstaff was for a “Slide for a necktie” in 1954 (pat. #2,896,217) and it was for a type of a bolo slide, not the bolo itself.

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Western Trading Post
Dating Belt Buckles

   To dealers and collectors of vintage and antique Native American Indian jewelry, dating a piece is often tricky. Of course, there are certain tell-tale signs, such as design, materials and construction, wear and patina, hallmarks, etc.. There are numerous examples of older pieces in books to compare with also. But all of the above has many variables and can be misleading. Older styles are often copied.

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