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Western Trading Post is one of the old time, historic Trading Posts of the West. They trace their roots back to the late 1800s and Arizona Territorial days. Buy, sell, trade and auction Western and Native American Indian collectibles is what they do. Sometimes, they even put special items aside which are added to the personal collection!

Western Trading Post TV takes you through some of the antics that happens on a daily basis at the Post. There are modern-day cowboys, Native American Indians, pickers, collectors, tourists, traders, auction junkies and even a few outlaws and hustlers who stop by. They are all looking to make the best trade possible. 

A model 1866 Winchester rifle. A 1920s Native American squash blossom necklace. A rare Civil War pistol. The personal desk of a noted figure from the 1880s, New Mexico Territory. A plethora of antique and vintage turquoise jewelry and dozens of other great collectibles are just a few of the things you can expect to see this season. 

Host and co-owner, Bobbi Jeen Olson, is a professional actress, model and stunt double who has appeared in many Western-themed projects over the years and is a recognizable face of the Western Fashion industry. She maintains a strong passion for promoting the Western Way of Life.

Her husband, Jim Olson (historian, published author and former professional rodeo cowboy), manages the day-to-day operations at the Trading Post. He has seen a little bit of everything over the years and not much gets by him! Bobbi’s mom, Betty Whiteley (AKA Grammy) is in charge of the sales floor and is a wealth of knowledge on jewelry, gemstones and old stuff. The Olson’s son, Rowdy James, is a teen-age charmer who loves the ladies and expects to take over the business some day. We’ll see. Together they manage this family owned and operated business.

Of course, there’s always a story behind the story and Bobbi Jeen gets to the heart of the matter with in depth interviews of some of the most interesting characters. The Olson’s also hit the road in search of buying and selling Western collectibles and turquoise jewelry. You will glean a wealth of knowledge about Western Americana and collectibles and even get “helpful hints” on how to tell the good stuff from the—um, not so good stuff—as you follow along weekly.

Western Trading Post TV premiers Sunday, October 14th at 7:30 p.m. EST, on the Cowboy Channel. Additional showings aired throughout the week, check local listings.

Here is a sneak peek at what to expect on episode one:

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